If 2020 taught us anything about our lives, it would be this: we need to prepare ourselves to overcome any obstacles that stand in our way. Right when the news of the pandemic hit, I knew I had been called to do something to help all the writers out there who struggled to work through the added stress and anxiety it caused. That’s when I created my Quarantine Writing Challenge, and it was a huge hit! Many writers all around the world came together and did what we do best: write, write, and write some more.

Not only that, but…

When it comes to world-building, what immediately pops into your head? I’m willing to bet visions of either fantasy or science fiction worlds started floating around your mind. With masters like JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, and CS Lewis, we have so many great examples in those genres pulling focus from all the other genres.

However, world-building is important to get right for all genres if we want our readers to totally immerse themselves in our work. …

“One-hit wonder” is a term typically used for musicians that create one hit single that becomes extremely popular. Like Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” there is only momentary success because the artist never produces another hit.

If you think your children’s book has to be a one-hit wonder, then I’ve got good news for you. That certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Not only will I reveal the most overlooked way to help you increase sales, but I’ll share my five-step process.

According to Statista, in 2016, the highest earning children’s book authors were:

  1. Jeff Kinney, Diary of…

In the most recent post in this series, Can You Make More Income with an Online Course? The Truth Every Writer Needs to Know!, we talked about how to turn your book into an online course. This week, we’d love to show you how a live coaching business can help you increase your impact, influence, and income. I’ve done this with my books, and you can do it too!

I love the rush I get from coaching my clients through my books in a live setting. With my live coaching programs in 2012, I expanded from offering only in-person coaching…

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For beginning fiction authors, one of the most important — and hardest — techniques to master is how to show the story through action and dialogue rather than telling the story through internal thoughts and emotions. While the latter isn’t inherently bad or forbidden, we can engage our readers much more by pulling them into the story directly by showing them what’s going on rather than telling them about it. That gives them something they can see, imagine, and experience, which will inspire them to keep that book in their hands. …

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In 2020, everyone’s lives around the world changed as we felt the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. These potentially detrimental effects were no different for authors. Live events got canceled. Conferences were rescheduled or postponed. Book signings became impossible with the new social distancing rules. From essential industries all the way down to the publishing industry, things changed drastically. Today, we are almost four months into the pandemic, and the effects are still felt all over the world.

But as authors, we can use this new normal as a way to boost the influence and impact we have on our…

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Whether online or in-person, a book launch can have far-reaching benefits — not only for the launching author but also for the members of his or her launch team. If you participate in a successful book launch, you’ll have fun, meet people with similar interests, and receive valuable insider tips for hosting your future book launches.

Still not convinced? Check out our top ten benefits of joining a book launch team.

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In the most recent post in this series, Sell More Books: 5 Steps to Create a Mastermind to Increase Your Income as an Author, we talked about how to turn your book into a mastermind. This week, we’d love to show you how an online course can help you increase your impact, influence, and income. I’ve done this with my books, and you can do it too!

Many readers want to experience your content on a deeper level. …

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Even though Author Academy Elite’s headquarters are located in the United States, we work daily with international authors and readers to ensure a seamless and joyous experience across the board. As time goes on and technology develops, oftentimes, bookstores and the big book retailers shift right along with the times. We realized how true this fact was when one of our authors came to us recently with a global problem to solve: their readers were having issues ordering books from a US-based book retailer. So, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks we give our international authors.

Before you publish your book, take measures to be inclusive of other locations and cultures around the world.

These days…

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This is part two in a series of posts that teaches you my strategies for creating 18 streams of income with your published book. In the last post, How to Turn Your Book Into Multiple Streams of Income, I talked about the different book formats you can leverage to create more income. Today, I’m excited to show you how to turn your published book into a mastermind.

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